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insurance and risk

The best wealth plan includes wealth creation planning as well as planning for the unexpected and insuring against it. Whether its unexpected illness, accident or death, the right insurance will let you meet your financial commitments when you are otherwise unable to, and protect you and your family.

Your insurance needs will be dictated by your goals, your existing and future investment portfolio, and where you are in your own financial journey in life.


Steer Wealth Management can advise on the best insurance options for you based on our understanding of your financial status and goals.

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Income Protection

Suddenly being unable to work might not only mean a loss of income. Serious injury or sickness can bring unexpected medical expenses as well.


Income protection insurance will guarantee you an income even if you can't work and is worth considering if you are the sole bread winner in your household.


Income protection is just one of a number of insurance options Steer Wealth Management can advise you on that will give you peace of mind for protecting your wealth now and in the future.


Other Insurance

Other insurance options Steer Wealth Management can advise on include:

  • Total and Permanent Disability insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Trauma insurance

  • Businesses insurances


Make Insurance More Affordable

Insurance can sometimes seem like an unaffordable luxury but protecting your income, lifestyle and family doesn't have to impact heavily on your budget.

Here are some ways insurance can be more affordable:

  • Pay your premiums annually to qualify for discounts

  • Buy your insurance as part of your superannuation and benefit from potential tax breaks

  • If you've got some savings or another source of income consider choosing a longer waiting period for income protection to reduce premiums


Steer Wealth Management can give you advice on insurance to help you to protect your income, lifestyle, family and business. Steer Wealth Management values independence and all of our strategies are developed with only your best outcome in mind. Products or other tools are offered as part of a strategy only if we believe they fit that strategy. Steer Wealth Management is about people. We value relationships, both with our clients and within our dynamic team and we're trusted to provide practical real-world advice. Our professionals work as a collective team so you benefit from their proven experience across all aspects of wealth creation, wealth retention and wealth protection.

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